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Geno Sylvain

Renowned fitness expert Jean "Geno" Sylvain is a living testament to his success, expertise and vision with regard to fitness, health, nutrition and wellness. He has transformed himself and countless others into shining examples of what focus, determination, knowledge and the correct path can do for one's overall health, fitness and well-being. Born August 16, 1961, Creator of the innovative product, THE ABSTER, and fitness guru Sylvain originally hails from Haiti, and moved to Crown Heights in Brooklyn, New York at the age of 6. There, he quickly adapted to his new environment. Finding a natural balance between art, school and sports, Geno excelled at all of those aspects. Whether it was on the baseball field, basketball court, catching a touchdown pass, bowling a strike or sprinting to the finish line, the athletic Sylvain gave it his all every single day. An authentic Renaissance man, he even found time to explore his creative side through Latin ballroom dancing, playing the saxophone and fashion design. After studying at York College, he pursued his love for clothing design at the famed Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City.

Sylvain's passion for competition drove him naturally to bodybuilding and weightlifting competitions. When he began competing at age 23, he was only 65.7 kg; however, by age 26, after years of rigorous training, diet and exercise, he'd improved his core strength, developed 8-pack abs and achieved his goal of 80.4 kg of pure muscle. However, he noticed that several of his competitors couldn't reach the desired 8-pack that he became famous for, and began offering his advice. He knew that you had to build your core from the bottom up, to develop that winning body. When he opened his first gym, Diamonds Gym, back in 1983, Geno started visualizing a product to help with that stubborn lower pouch area that so many men and women had difficulty fixing. This was the inception of his cutting-edge workout device, THE ABSTER.

After moving on to his second gym, Top This Gym in Flushing, New York, he spent the next nine years working with clients as a personal trainer and life coach, including working with veterans and disabled Americans, helping them rebuild their lives through solid exercise and proper nutrition. Geno even started designing clothing again, more from necessity than anything else - nothing seemed to fit his disparate size 50 chest and size 30 waist, so he designed his own brand of apparel.

Sylvain's core training developed a loyal following to his third gym, a 24-hour Rego Park, New York staple called Platinum Fitness. This was where he identified the name that his product should possess: THE ABSTER.

So, for the next dozen years, Geno developed this product and a subsequent clothing line, based at his fourth gym and current home, Genetics, in Forest Hills, New York. The first incarnation of THE ABSTER was constructed from simple pvc piping and a standard tensile cord. Through various designs, he ultimately discovered the best way to make a portable, lightweight version, to enhance the abdominal core AND give a full-body workout. He also developed a series of exercises to accompany this portable version, for his clients who couldn't get to a gym to use the in-gym version of THE ABSTER.

Currently at a lean 89.2 kg, Geno Sylvain has developed the ultimate home workout product with THE ABSTER. And, as Geno always says, "Love yourself naked and look FAB-ulous." But, if you do have to wear clothes, Sylvain also has a fashionable, practical line available. In addition, Sylvain offers a full line of nutritionally sound snacks and a book chock full of valuable nutrition information. Geno is still training clients at his gym in Forest Hills, where he transforms and improves his clients lives.

Geno Sylvain's THE ABSTER is a revolutionary product, the only one on the market that can enable its user to gain that envied, ripped 8-pack abs, like Sylvain's. Why settle for a standard 6-pack?